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The eye , or the hand?


I always have a digital camera with me.

Life is full of unpredictable gifts that I want to grab in the space of a fraction of a second. This is what photography allows.

When I press the shutter button I'm alive, I save, it's a real excitement that I want to share because the moment is fleeting, fragile in the mountains as at sea and on the fairing areas, as in forests.


Back in the workshop, the body, the arm become the intermediaries in a new exercise. The brushstroke is the thought that expresses itself.

My paintings are in oil or acrylic, on canvas or Arches paper with sometimes collages.

The first draft is free. Then I look for random effects, accidents, contrasts of light on the sub-layers prepared in advance, effects of transparency.

My tools are varied: paintbrushes, large brushes or small brooms, rollers, flexible or rigid spatulas, more or less damp sponges, various rags.

Biography :


I was born in La Roche Posay, but my home port has been Marseille since 1972.

Since my adolescence, and during my studies then during my professional life I have practiced film photography a lot.


Since 2002 I have participated in different painting workshops:

  • Marseille-Luminy School of Art and Architecture (public workshops)

  • workshops with different abstract painting painters: Jérôme Tisserand, Peter Casagrande, Thibaut de Reimpré

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